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Competency Exam Requirement for Technologist

New applicants who have completed a Canadian non-accredited engineering technology program or foreign program that have been assessed by the Panel of Examiners as equivalent to Technologist academics will now be required to write a competency exam and submit a competency summary to achieve the Technologist academic classification.

Applicants who have applied to CTTAM prior to May 15, 2017, will be given the option of submitting a technical report or writing a competency exam.

Applicants will be informed of the competency exam and competency summary requirement in writing after their application has been assessed by the Panel of Examiners.

To view a list of nationally accredited programs, go to www.cctt.ca

What is a Technical Report?

The Technical Report is the final academic requirement for applicants seeking registration as a Technologist with CTTAM. A Technical Report is also referred to as an applied science research project.

The subject of the report may be a design, a test, the selection or development of a process, or a significant piece of equipment. The report should show an attempt to solve an engineering problem in a practical manner and must be related to the individual's discipline of study and if applicable, work experience. It should utilize engineering technologist level mathematics and engineering/applied science fundamentals appropriate to the subject matter to show a clear indication that the writer understands the subject and can analyze at the technologist level.

A Technical Report has no fewer than 3,000 words but normally has between 4,000 - 6,000 words in the main body.

The Purpose of a Technical Report

The purpose of a Technical Report is to assess the candidate's ability to effectively state and solve an engineering or applied science problem, utilizing the breadth and depth of knowledge acquired by a Technologist.

To achieve National Accreditation status, engineering or applied science technology programs must show that graduates for all technology disciplines complete an acceptable Technical Report. As a result, all applicants for membership/certification who have been assessed at having Technologist equivalent academics from a non-accredited technology program must complete a Technical Report to achieve a Technologist academic classification with CTTAM.

Technical Reports are assessed by the Panel of Examiners for academic purposes only and a passing grade does not endorse or evaluate any conclusion.

The Process for Completing a Technical Report

The process is as follows:

  1. The applicant submits a synopsis or proposal for the Technical Report to the Registrar at registrar@cttam.com.
  2. The Panel of Examiners approves the synopsis.
  3. The applicant submits the Technical Report within one year of the synopsis approval.
  4. The Panel of Examiners reviews the report and gives it a grade of pass or fail.

Applicants with a grade of pass will achieve the academic equivalent of Technologist and will be encouraged to apply for reclassification to Certified Engineering Technologist upon achieving the required work experience. Applicants with a grade of fail will be provided with an evaluation containing suggested improvements and be allowed to re-submit. Reports that are considered to be greatly deficient will not be allowed the opportunity to re-submit.

Members or Applicants may Discuss with the registrar other options for completing the Technical Report Requirement.

For more information about the Technical Report, review the Guidelines for Writing a Technical Report.

Each Technical Report must have a Declaration of Sole Author: Click Here for Declaration

Contact the CTTAM Registrar at registrar@cttam.com if further information is required.