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Technical Reports

The technical report requirement has been replaced by Competency Exams.

Competency Exams

Certified CTTAM Members who have completed non-Canadian accredited engineering technology programs or foreign programs that have been accepted as equivalent to Technologist academics are required to write a competency exam as well as submit a competency summary to complete the academic requirements for Technologist.  Certified Technicians can also write/challenge the exam to validate their knowledge at the Technologist level.

The purpose of the competency exam is to assess the candidate's technical knowledge in their discipline.   Members are required to submit a competency summary as well upon receiving a pass from writing the competency exam.

Click here for information regarding competency exams.

What is a Technical Report?

The Technical Report is the final academic requirement for applicants seeking registration as a Technologist with CTTAM. A Technical Report is also referred to as an applied science research project.

The subject of the Report may be a design, a test, the selection or development of a process, or a significant piece of equipment. The Report should show an attempt to solve an engineering problem in a practical manner and must be related to the individual's discipline of study and if applicable, work experience. It should utilize engineering technologist level mathematics and engineering/applied science fundamentals appropriate to the subject matter to show a clear indication that the writer understands the subject and can analyse at the technologist level.

A Technical Report has no fewer than 3,000 words but normally has 4,000 - 6,000 words in the main body.

The Panel of Examiners reviews the Report and gives it a grade of pass or fail.

Applicants with a grade of fail will be provided with an evaluation containing suggested improvements and be allowed to re-submit. Reports that are considered to be greatly deficient will not be allowed the opportunity to re-submit.

How to select a topic

Selecting a topic is a very important first step in submitting a technical report. First, the report must be on an activity which is appropriate for someone working at an engineering technologist level, and second, the topic must be something in which you have a high degree of knowledge and experience. The report cannot simply be a collection of information. It must display the writer's ability to use engineering principals and knowledge by using formulas, calculations and analysis to support the conclusion.

The report must focus on a specific issue. The report may be a design, a test, the selection or development of a process, or a significant piece of equipment. The Report should show an attempt to solve an engineering problem in a practical manner and should be related to the individual's current work or tasks performed on the job (or previous job).

A synopsis of the proposed report must be submitted for approval prior to the report itself. The synopsis should set out the main divisions of the proposed paper and the methods of treatment. This should not exceed 2 pages (500 words). This will allow the Panel of Examiners to determine if the subject and treatment could be successful.

When the synopsis is approved, the candidate may proceed to produce a paper which the Association will expect to be a product of the candidate's own inspiration and expression. The completed paper in its final form should be submitted within twelve (12) months after approval of the synopsis.

CTTAM may be offering a technical report writing course in the fall.   Please note that a competency exam can be written in lieu of submitting a technical report.  Click here for information regarding competency exams.

If you require further information regarding submitting a technical report or competency exams, contact the CTTAM Registrar at registrar@cttam.com