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W.E.S. (World Education Services) ICAP Evaluation Now Required

A W.E.S. ICAP academic evaluation is now required for all internationally educated professionals applying with CTTAM.  Click here for more information regarding the W.E.S. ICAP evaluation.

Self Assessment Process

Applicants will be required to do an academic self-assessment by comparing their academic program to the National Technology Benchmarks (NTB) at https://www.technologyregistrationscanada.ca/

By reviewing these benchmarks, the applicants can self-assess against the Canadian standards of their discipline to determine if they wish to apply.

Most newcomers who have studied at universities, colleges or institutes in disciplines of engineering or engineering technology, such as, civil, mechanical, industrial, chemical, electronic, electrical, would have academics that are equivalent to Technologist or Technician.

If you wish clarification on what academic documentation would be acceptable for certification, you can email the Registration & Member Services Coordinator at adminassistant@cttam.com
or contact the CTTAM office at 204-784-1082.

Education Documentation

Applicants will be asked to provide a .pdf copy of their original transcripts and diplomas with their on-line applications. A syllabus or course outline would provide additional supporting information to assist in the academic assessment and can be requested if the educational program is not Canadian accredited.   If you attended a Canadian educational institution, you can check to see if the program is Canadian accredited by going to www.cctt.ca.  Internationally educated professionals are required to provide CTTAM with a W.E.S. (World Education Services) ICAP evaluation report that will provide a Canadian assessment of their education.

Foreign language documents must be translated to English and be notarized. 

Work Experience

Work experience is a very important criteria for certification and must be at a technical level appropriate for the designation of Certified Technician or Certified Engineering Technologist.

Work experience requirements for certification include a minimum of two (2) years or 24 months of acceptable technical experience as determined by the Certification Board. The two years of work experience must include:

  • At least six (6) months of experience at a level consistent with the certification level that is to be granted, either Certified Engineering Technician or Technologist.
  • At least one year of relevant work experience in Canada in order to obtain qualified professional references.

The Certification Board reviews the applicant's work history, detailed current job description and professional reference submissions to assess work experience and determine the classification.

Submitting Applications

New applicants can apply on-line using the Technology Registrations Canada website, https://www.technologyregistrationscanada.ca/.

Newcomers to Canada should provide more detail in the work history than is normally in resumes.

There is an application fee of $140.00.  Please note that annual membership dues apply once your application has been processed.

Applicants will be able to track the progress of their application by logging into their account on the Technology Registrations Canada website.

Education Assessment

The submitted applications are reviewed by the CTTAM Panel of Examiners and Certification Board, respectively.

Applicants who hold diplomas, certificates or degrees from outside Canada are required to provide CTTAM with a W.E.S. (World Education Services) ICAP evaluation which will determine if their education meets the general education requirements for either Technician or Technologist. The Panel of Examiners may request a syllabus or course descriptions and outlines.

The Panel of Examiners assess and classify academics at the either the levels of Technologist, Technician or Associate.  Applicants should receive the results of their review within one month from the date of application.

Applicants whose foreign education has been accepted as equivalent to Technologist must write a competency exam to fully meet the requirements for Technologist. You must, however, be certified first as a Technician in order to write a competency exam. For more information on competency exams, click here.

Applicants who do not meet all the requirements for full certification may be granted Associate status or Technician certification.  Applicants will receive a letter from CTTAM's Registrar advising what steps are required to become fully certified, and what classification they are eligible for. They can provide this information to prospective employers. CTTAM does not provide employment agency services but there is a Careers Section located on the CTTAM website.

Canadian Work Experience

Work experience at the appropriate technical level is a very important factor in granting certification.

Applicants with foreign technical work experience must acquire a minimum of twelve (12) months of relevant Canadian technical work experience to be considered for certification. Foreign work experience of one year or greater can be granted a credit of one year towards the two year relevant technical work experience requirement.

The Certification Board reviews the applicant's work history, detailed current job description and professional reference submissions to assess relevant work experience.

Work Experience Documentation

The applicant must provide on their on-line application:

  • The names and contact information for three professional references
  • A work history of technical work experience (including current work experience)
  • Detailed current job description signed on each page by the applicant's immediate supervisor.

Professional References

Applicants claiming Canadian work experience must provide the names, contact information including email addresses, professional designations and business affiliations of at least three (3) persons (preferably C.E.T., C.Tech., P. Eng. or Managers or Supervisors ) who have a good knowledge of their character, capabilities and technical work experience in Canada. It is not mandatory that all three references to have designations.

The references should have worked with the applicant for a minimum of six months. If you have been in the current job for less than six months, the applicant should delay applying until at least six months of current relevant employment has been attained.

Unless the applicant is self-employed, one reference should be the current and immediate supervisor.   If the applicant is self-employed, a letter on company letterhead detailing the services provided by their company must be provided to CTTAM.

The Certification Board may consider applications with only two professional references, providing that the applicant has given an explanation for this situation.