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What is CTTAM?

The acronym "CTTAM" stands for: "The Certified Technicians and Technologists Association of Manitoba".

CTTAM is the professional organization that certifies Engineering Technicians and Technologists in Manitoba.

CTTAM members work in highly technical fields of applied science and engineering. Although Canadians use the terms 'Technician' and ‘Technologist' generally to describe many different occupations, Engineering Technicians and Technologists are very distinct individuals. These are the people who, through a high degree of specialized training may use, test, repair, design, analyze and problem solve in a broad range of applied science and engineering areas. They are employed in a vast range of economic sectors, from textiles to telecommunications.

To learn more about the differences between Technicians and Technologists refer to the detailed CCTT approved Technician & Technologist Profiles.

CTTAM has over 3,000 members throughout Manitoba.

The Association is governed by a Manitoba Government act, "The Certified Applied Science Technologists Act of Manitoba".