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Application for New Members

New applicants must now apply on-line using the Technology Registrations Canada website at https://www.technologyregistrationscanada.ca.  Student applications and those CTTAM Members who are re-classing from a Technician to a Technologist are able to submit paper applications.

New applicants will be required to include the following information with their on-line application:

  • Copies (.pdf files) of their original diploma(s), with notarized English translations, if applicable, as well as copies of their academic transcripts (course marks).
  • Internationally Educated Professionals who graduated from a non-accredited program will be required to provide a W.E.S. ICAP evaluation report reference number.
  • A syllabus or course outlines is optional, but preferred for foreign and non-accredited programs.
  • Copies of their driver's licence, permanent resident card (if applicable).
  • The names and contact information for three professional references if the new applicant has obtained relelvant Canadian work experience.

There is an application fee of $140.  Once you have submitted your on-line application, you will need to contact the CTTAM office at 204-784-1083 to arrange for payment.  CTTAM accepts cash, cheques or credit cards (VISA or MasterCard).  Your application will not be processed until payment is received.

*For guidance in providing acceptable applications, refer to the following sections of the website:

Academics & Accredited Programs
Work Experience and References

The Professional Practice (Law & Ethics) Exam is compulsory for certification.  The current registration form can be found on CTTAM's homepage under "Upcoming Events" or by clicking on the "Forms and Downloads" on CTTAM's home page.

Newcomers to Canada please click here

Application Process for New Members

Application Submission

Applications can be submitted on-line (24/7). The CTTAM office recommends that applications are submitted no later than the 15th of the month prior to the assessment meetings scheduled for the months of September, November, January, March and May.  During the summer months, applications for certification will be processed once the three (3) required references have completed their reference questionnaires.

Professional Reference Questionnaires

All new applicants with the required two year relevant Canadian work experience will have to provide three (3) references as part of their on-line application.  If you are applying for certification as a Technologist, two of your references must be either a C.E.T. or a P.Eng. (E.I.T. is also accepted).  The first reference provided must be your immediate supervisor and they do not have to be certified.

It is the obligation of the applicant to follow-up with their references to ensure they complete the on-line questionnaires in a timely manner.

All three references must be completed on-line before and the applicant must have passed the Law & Ethics exam in order for their applciation to be reviewed by the Certification Board.

Application Review

Applications submitted on-line are reviewed by the CTTAM Panel of Examiners and Certification Board, respectively, at their meetings scheduled for the months of September, November, January, March and May.  During the summer months, applications will be reviewed once all of the reference questionnaires have been completed on-line.

The Panel of Examiners assesses the academic credentials of the applicant.

The Certification Board assesses the work experience and combined with the academic assessment determines the membership classification of the applicant.

If either the Panel of Examiners or Certification Board determines that additional information is required, the review of the application will be deferred until the information is received and the next scheduled meetings occur.

Application Review Results

All application review results are sent to the applicants in the mail.

Applicants, who meet all of the certification requirements, including the completion of the Professional Practice (PPE), will have their names approved by the CTTAM Board of Directors for acceptance into the register of certified members once their application has been reviewed by the Certification Board.

Newly certified members will be invited to receive their membership certificates at a CTTAM event such as the Annual General Meeting or a New Members Reception.

Applicants who do not meet all of the certification requirements may be granted Associate affiliation with CTTAM, and will be advised of the steps required to become certified.


Applicants who feel that an error was made in thier assessment of education or work experience Levels have six months to appeal the decsion. A written appeal must be submitted to the Registrar clearly stating the decsion being appealed.