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Academic Requirements and Accredited Programs

National Technology Benchmarks

Academic requirements must be in compliance with the National Technology Benchmarks that are the main accreditation and certification tool for the Canadian Council of Technicians & Technologists (CCTT) provincial constituent members.

Engineering technology or applied science programs that are accredited by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) meet the academic requirements of the National Technology Benchmarks. As a result, accredited programs do not require academic assessment by the CTTAM Panel of Examiners.

Nationally Accredited Programs

Current and past accredited engineering / applied science technology programs are listed under Accreditation at www.cctt.ca

Academic Documentation

As part of the on-line application process, applicants are required to attach .pdf copies of their original diploma(s) and transcript(s).  Foreign language documents MUST be accompanied by a notarized English translation.  Graduates of foreign and non-accredited programs should submit a detailed syllabus or course outline obtained from your educational institute. If you do not have a syllabus, discuss this matter with the CTTAM Registrar.

Academic Assessment

Applicants can do a self-assessment by going to the Technology Registrations Canada website at:  https://www.technologyregistrationscanada.ca/

Applicants who are graduates of non-accredited technology programs will have their academics reviewed by the Panel of Examiners to determine if the program meets the general and discipline-specific National Technology Benchmarks for either Technician or Technologist. To adequately assess non-accredited programs, the Panel of Examiners may require the applicant to provide a syllabus or course descriptions and outlines.

The Panel of Examiners will assess and classify academics at the levels of Technician or Technologist. Applicants who receive an academic assessment of insufficient will not be registered with CTTAM.

If the applicant's academic program does not meet the benchmark for either a Technician or Technologist academic classification, the applicant can request a reclassification program for further studies.  By doing a self-assessment, the applicant can also see where they are lacking in academics.

All applicants who have completed a non-accredited program assessed as academically equivalent to Technologist will be required to write and pass a competency exam to fully meet the academic requirements for Technologist. For more information on competency exams, click here.

Self-Assessment against the National Technology Benchmarks

Applicants of non-accredited programs are encouraged to perform a self-assessment of their academics by comparing their documented academics to the National Technology Benchmarks (NTB) at www.cctt.ca By reviewing the NTB, applicants can self-assess against the standards of their discipline to determine if they wish to apply.